K.L.P. Machining Inc.

Precision Machined Parts

For all your machined parts,
prototypes and production

Our Capabilities

Customers are looking for true parts in their supply chain. We have to continue to leverage our existing skills and technology to the fullest, allowing us to manufacture a single component, family production parts or an entire assembly.

We have the capabilities of Turning and Boring close tolerances of +/-.0001" (62RC) and Milling the most difficult parts.

Our machine shop includes 18 CNC machines:

16 CNC Lathes Machines:
  • 3 Hardinge GT Super Precision
  • 3 Hardinge Quest Super Precision with Live Tooling
  • 1 Prodigy GT with Live Tooling
  • 5 CHNC I Hardinge Precision
  • 1 CHNC II Hardinge Super Precision
  • 1 Nakamura SC250 with Tail Stock
  • 2 Nakamura SC200 with Live Tooling and Tail Stock
  • 2 CNC Milling Machines: Robodrill Fanuc

Manual Lathe and Polishing Machines:
  • 1 Hardinge Engine Lathe
  • 4 Hardinge 2nd OP